Five Questions to Ask Yourself

Here are five questions to ask yourself before deciding to become a living organ donor. Click on each question to view more.  

Am I intellectually ready?

Am I emotionally ready?

Am I physically ready?

Am I financially ready?

Am I spiritually ready?

To learn of further considerations for becoming a living donor, please download the “Being Asked to Donate” questionnaire from Transplant Living and the United Network for Organ Sharing.

Financial Considerations

Potential donors should talk with their employer, health insurance provider, transplant team, and hospital about lost wages, time off, and financial/insurance issues. The transplant center will have a social worker and/or financial counselor who can advise potential donors about their options, along with what expenses will be incurred by the recipient’s insurance, the donor, or the hospital.

Who pays for living donation?

Can I be paid for donating an organ?

How will donating affect my health and life insurance?

Is there any assistance available for lost wages, travel, and lodging?

How long will the donor be in the hospital and out of work?


To learn more about both the risks and benefits of living donation, please click here.  It is important to discuss potential risks with the transplant team, the transplant candidate, and your family before making the decision whether to donate.

Though it is immensely important to thoroughly consider these risks, remember to also consider the many positive aspects of living donation.

Questions to Ask Your Transplant Center

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