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Jess, Living Kidney Donor

Mara Wiles(1)

“The friend I had known for years was brighter, lighter, healthier, and more full of life. Any pre-surgery doubts or worries were quickly forgotten as we allowed the immense relief and joy to wash over us.”

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Debbie, Living Kidney Donor


Debbie Shearer & Family (1)

“Living donation was our way of simply not only honoring our son but honoring life – the true Gift of Life.  We are so passionate about helping others avoid losing someone they love as we did.”

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Robin, Living Kidney Donor


Robin cropped

“It cost me so very little and gave so very much, something that can never be measured.  I try to encourage everyone I can to consider organ donation.”

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Coleen, Living Liver Donor

“We all need to protect and fight for each other. If we don’t, there will be no one left to fight for us when it’s our turn to be in need.”

Read more about Coleen.
Para leer más información sobre Coleen en español.


Rachel, Tissue Recipient


“My goal is to be helping patients the same way my surgeon helped me through allograft transplantation.”

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Para leer más información sobre Raquel en español.


Robin, Donor Mother


“Nothing takes the pain away, but knowing that your child is a hero to someone is a wonderful thing.”

Read more about Robin and Joe.
Para leer más información sobre Robin en español.


Chris and Stephanie, Future Living Kidney Donor and Recipient


“Chris is my rock. I’m the lucky one.”

Read more about Chris and Stephanie.
Para leer más información sobre Chris y Stephanie en español.


Keith, Kidney Recipient


“Every day is a gift of life for me. I can finally live the way I always wanted to.”

Read more about Keith.
Para leer más información sobre Keith en español.


Krysta, Double Lung Recipient and Tissue Donor


“Because of organ donation, we got to see our daughter run.”

Read more about Krysta.
Para leer más información sobre Krysta en español.


Marc, Living Kidney Donor


“If you can help someone, my goodness yes, do it. What’s the downside?”

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Para leer más información sobre Marc en español.


Brittney, Heart Recipient


“When I was two months old, I was only heartbeats away from the end of my life. After my heart transplant, I was at the beginning.”

Read more about Brittney.
Para leer más información sobre Brittney en español.


CJ, Organ and Tissue Donor


“CJ’s legacy will help others run faster, see clearer and soar higher.”

Read more about CJ.
Para leer más información sobre CJ en español.


Bryan, Kidney Recipient


“My transplant not only gave me a new lease on life, but also a great friend.”

Read more about Bryan.
Para leer más información sobre Bryan en español.


Manuel, Tissue Recipient


“I can now do the simple things I once took for granted, like brushing my teeth and scratching my nose.”

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Para leer más información sobre Manuel en español.


Ike, Heart Recipient


“Within 24 hours of my transplant, I went from a 57-year-old with congestive heart failure to a man with a perfectly healthy heart. As I lay in the hospital bed, I smiled because I had a life ahead of me. I no longer had to worry about dying.”

Read more about Ike.
Para leer más información sobre Ike en español.


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