2008 Colorado Colfax Marathon

Elizabeth, David, Katie, and Alicia after their Marathon RelayOn Sunday, May 18th, 25 runners and 18 volunteers represented the American Transplant Foundation as a Charity Partner in the 2008 Colorado Colfax Marathon. These 25 runners, including kidney recipient Keith Ashby and liver recipient Mike Benschneider, created five relay teams to spread the message that transplant recipients and living donors can lead healthy, active lives. Our volunteers worked at the finish line greeting and congratulating the over 5,000 runners who participated in the race. The American Transplant Foundation also partnered with Donor Alliance to host a registry drive and educational booth at the Sports & Fitness Expo during race weekend.

We are so grateful to all of our runners and volunteers for spreading the message of the importance of organ and tissue donation and for making this event a success. Way to go team!

Watch the 9News coverage of one of our remarkable runners, Keith Ashby.

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