Denver kidney donor to run 100 mile race

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – February 14, 2012

Contact:  Kyle Pietari, Outreach and External Affairs Coordinator
American Transplant Foundation
(303) 757-0959

Denver kidney donor to run 100 mile race 

On National Donor Day, Dr. Jeff Stripling announced his goal to run 100 miles on behalf of all living organ donors

(DENVER, CO) – Being a living kidney donor will not stop Denver chiropractor Jeff Stripling from running 100 miles.  In fact, it is what drives him forward.

Dr. Stripling donated a kidney to his father in 2009.  Today – National Donor Day – he announced his goal to be one of the first known living organ donors to run the Leadville 100 Mile Ultramarathon in August “on behalf of all living organ donors.”

“Running 100 miles through the high Rockies will be tough, but that’s not because I’m a kidney donor.  I want to shatter the misconception that you are limiting yourself if you donate an organ,” said Dr. Stripling.

“Being a live donor has proved to be the proudest moment of my life, and has enabled me to see my father healthy and enjoying retirement.  Many people thought I would be limiting my own quality of life, but since I donated, my quality of life has only improved.”

To help other people become living donors, Dr. Stripling plans to raise funds for American Transplant Foundation’s Patient Assistance Program, which awards financial grants to offset expenses for living donors, such as travel costs to the surgery or time away from work during their recovery.

“We want people to understand that living organ donation is a viable option, and that it’s critical to reduce the transplant waiting list, especially for those who need a kidney,” said Kyle Pietari of the American Transplant Foundation.  “Over 90,000 Americans are waiting for a new kidney.  Most people don’t realize that the medical complication rate for live kidney donors is less than 1%.  We are proud to work with Dr. Stripling and other living donors to raise awareness about this.  They are truly heroes.”

“As a doctor, I understand that my body only needs one kidney.  I can still work out, play sports, and attempt to run 100 miles.  My father needed the other kidney much more than I do,” said Stripling.

Dr. Stripling will be available for interviews on February 14th during a morning training run at Cheesman Park, and can also be reached by phone.

The American Transplant Foundation is a national nonprofit organization that works to increase the donation of organs and tissue to reduce the growing list of men, women and children who are awaiting a lifesaving transplant.

National Donor Day is observed annually on February 14th to encourage organ donation and celebrate those who have given the Gift of Life.


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