Colorado Living Donor Support Act

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February 12, 2018


Colorado Living Donor Support Act



Last year, more Coloradans died or became too sick to remain on the transplant wait list than the number of Coloradans who died as a result of homicide.


Help us support living donors by making the process less of a burden.





Currently, only Colorado state employees may take up to two days of paid leave per fiscal year specifically for organ donation.


The ability to get paid time off work is an enormous barrier for living donors. The loss of income and fear of losing their job has deterred many kidney and liver living donors.


This bill will raise awareness and encourage both directed and non-directed living donation, encouraging and helping individuals to donate lifesaving organ without suffering financial hardship as a result of the donation.



An employee donating an organ will be granted paid leave not exceeding 10 working days or the hourly equivalent and for the cost of temporary replacement help, if any, during an employee’s leave of absence period.


For any employer granting paid time off to living organ donors in the state of Colorado, employers shall be entitled to a tax credit of 35% of the employee’s regular salary for up to 10 business days. Employees who receive less than $80,000 annually are eligible. 



1. Support living donors by signing the petition


2. Contact your state legislators


3. Spread the word on social media, sample tweets: 

  • Help support organ donation by supporting living donors #YestoHB1202 #ColoradoLivingDonors #coleg
  • If just 1 out of 1,100 adult Coloradans became living donors, the waitlist for kidney and liver transplants in the state would be eradicated. #YestoHB1202 #ColoradoLivingDonors #coleg


4. If you would like to become an advocate please email us:


Thank you for supporting the bill and helping to make Colorado the first state where nobody dies while waiting for a transplant!


Supporting Organizations:

Donor Alliance

NKF Serving Colorado, New Mexico, Montana, and Wyoming

Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center – Transplant Center

UCHealth Transplant Center



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