Join Save a Life Giving Club!

Because Every Life is Worth Fighting For.



With so many negative things going on in the world around us and innocent lives being lost, it can be easy to feel helpless. You may wonder, can I be the light in a dark world and truly make a difference?

You can.

When you join Save a Life Giving Club, you become part of a passionate community of monthly donors whose sustained support makes it possible to save the lives of even more transplant patients, living donors, and their families each year.            

With your Monthly Gift, you Can Help:

  • Living donors give the Gift of Life with one-on-one education, support, financial assistance, and fair legislation.
  • Potential kidney recipients find a potential living donor.
  • Transplant recipients access lifesaving medications.
  • Raise awareness about the safety and success of living organ donation.

Member Benefits Include:

  • A Limited Edition Save a Life lapel pin (pictured left) as a token of our appreciation for your generosity.
  • An annual statement to assist in tax preparation.
  • The opportunity to join our voting committee and know exactly how your contribution is making a difference in patients’ lives.
  • Special recognition on our website and social media – available only for our first 50 founding members! There is also an option to be listed as an anonymous donor if you prefer.

Small Commitment, Big Impact

After recently receiving a kidney transplant, Jaleel’s fight for his life was still far from over. He and his family had to take on another unexpected battle: fighting cancer. The family was faced with a conflict that no family should ever have to face: How do we decide between paying for Jaleel’s medications that are keeping his new kidney from being rejected, or the cancer treatments, both of which are required to save his life?

Without your donation, Jaleel’s family would have been forced to make a decision that would ultimately threaten Jaleel’s health and risk his life. We provided Jaleel with an Emergency Grant to give his family access to his medications, transportation to treatments, and basic living expenses so that Jaleel can return to normal 3-year-old life.

“The financial support from American Transplant Foundation covered costs that came with Jaleel’s post-kidney transplant recovery. Jaleel’s life was saved because this resource was available to us.”

– Tanisha, Jaleel’s Mother

Jaleel is one of the many patients that are able to receive support through our amazing Save a Life Giving Club. Sign up today to start saving lives.