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Jess and Mara, Living Kidney Donor and Recipient

Mara Wiles(1) “The friend I had known for years was brighter, lighter, healthier, and more full of life. Any pre-surgery doubts or worries were quickly forgotten as we allowed the immense relief and joy to wash over us.” Read more about Jess.


Brian, Kidney Recipient

“The gift of living donation has really restored our family, it’s given me my life back.”


Chris and Stephanie, Future Living Kidney Donor and Recipient

“Chris is my rock. I’m the lucky one.”Read more about Chris and Stephanie.


Keith, Kidney Recipient

“Every day is a gift of life for me. I can finally live the way I always wanted to.”Read more about Keith.


Coleen, Living Liver Donor

“We all need to protect and fight for each other. If we don’t, there will be no one left to fight for us when it’s our turn to be in need.”Read more about Coleen.


Marc, Living Kidney Donor

“If you can help someone, my goodness yes, do it. What’s the downside?”Read more about Marc.


Bryan, Kidney Recipient

Read more about Bryan. “My transplant not only gave me a new lease on life, but also a great friend.”Read more about Bryan.