Saving lives is made possible by living organ donors who give selflessly of themselves so that another person might live.

Living donation inspired the creation of the American Transplant Foundation, which has instrumentally changed the transplant community as the Foundation now helps the most vulnerable transplant patients through its nationwide programs. To date, transplant patients, living donors and their families in over 40 states have been supported through the Foundation’s Patient Assistance Program.

Educate yourself and others about living organ donation because living life can mean giving life!

Today 97,000 people are waiting for an organ transplant that can come from a living donor. Last year, 5,986 people died before receiving an organ that could have come from a living person. 5,986 deaths that were utterly preventable. It is an honor for the American Transplant Foundation to support living donors by providing critical financial assistance that enables them to give the Gift of Life.

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