Understanding Organ Transplants

Transplant Living

This site is a helpful resource that outlines the organ transplantation process from start to finish. It provides useful information and tools including before and after the transplant expectations, living donation facts and procedures as well as support communities for patients and families.


Novartis’ Transplant Forward

This website provides information about what to do after receiving a transplant. It covers information about insurance coverage and claims, paying for medications, and how to life a healthy lifestyle with a transplant.


FAQs for Kidney Recipients – Barnes Jewish Hospital
Learn about everything kidney transplant recipients would need to know.  Answers to all of your questions about kidney transplants are included.


This website provides a general summary and definition about all of the different types of organ transplants.  It also includes frequently asked questions and details about the different surgeries necessary.


National Kidney Foundation

This website is a resource that provides basic information regarding organ transplantation. This tool can help you determine if transplantation may be the right treatment for you.


Transplant Buddies
Learn about general transplant information that you would need to know.  Also, read about different drugs and medications that recipients would need to look into after the transplant.


Preparing for a Kidney Transplant
Learn how to prepare for a kidney transplant. Plus important tips for choosing a transplant center, finding a donor and staying healthy.



This website provides a step-by-step approach to understanding the process of organ transplantation. Starting with patient diagnosis this site serves as a useful outline for patients to follow all the way through operation.