Personal Transplant Stories


Kidney Transplant

The Human Experience in Living Donation .mov
This is a heartfelt story about Melissa who generously donates her kidney to Lisa, a woman living with kidney disease.  Learn about the emotional benefits of organ donation and how it can be rewarding.


Living Kidney Donor Transplant
Three living kidney donors and their recipients discuss their feelings and emotions experienced throughout the transplant process. Also, UMMC doctors talk about the benefits and risks of the minimally invasive kidney removal procedure and the video answers patients’ frequently asked questions.


Living Donation
The personal story of one person’s experience with donating a kidney. This documentary shares Tiffany Du Mouchelle’s donor experience and offers important information about kidney donation.


Keith & Johny, Kidney Recipient and Living Donor
Four years ago, Keith was in kidney failure and could hardly get around. Thanks to his stepson Johny, who became his living kidney donor, Keith is healthy and active and now runs half marathons! They want you to show your support for organ and tissue donation withColorado’s new Donate Life license plate!


Tell Me a Story: ‘Organ Donation Is, Quite Possibly, One of the Greatest Gifts
Learn aboutTylerand how organ donation is quite possibly one of the greatest gifts.


Liver Transplant

The First Living-Donor Liver Transplant 20 Years Later
In 1989, Teri Smith donated a portion of her liver to daughter Alyssa in the first successful living-donor liver transplant, a surgery performed at the University of Chicago Medical Center, On October 16, 2009, mother and daughter returned to Chicago for a conference celebrating the 20th anniversary of that historic procedure.


A Transplant Story: Jennifer Roberts
Watch a touching interview with Jennifer, a liver transplant recipient.


Lung Transplant

Lung Transplant Story
Learn about Matthew, a boy who receives a lung transplant that improves his quality of life greatly.


Information on Organ Donation

Milestones In Organ Donation
Learn about some of the new milestones in organ donation.


Living Donor Kidney Transplant – Need for Donor Kidneys – Dr. Sandip Kapur
Learn about living kidney transplants.


Facebook Launches Organ Donation Program
Learn about Facebook’s new app, that helps connect organ donors with those in need.


Kidney Transplant Patient Information from Barnes-Jewish – Part One
Become informed about Kidney donation through Barnes- Jewish Hospital.