Debbie Shearer & Family (1)Our son, George, meant the world to us. It has been horrific for our family and there truly isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t have George in the forefront of our thoughts – it is such a loud silence in our home.

We miss his laughter and love more than words will ever express, but it was the love of life and his beautiful heart that inspired me to make the decision to become a living kidney donor.  I felt so empowered to make up my broken promise I had made to him that he was going to live in the hospital.


Debbie chose to give the Gift of Life to a complete stranger, which then started an organ donor chain that helped save and transform 11 other people’s lives.


I do honestly feel that my son is pleased and proud of what we decided as a family to do. I would do it all over again if I could without any hesitation. Living donation was our way of simply not only honoring him but honoring life – the true Gift of Life.  We are so passionate about helping others avoid losing someone they love as we did.

We had such a complete family and our son’s future lost, but we are passionate about keeping our family together and passionate about helping others keep their family together.


We are truly honored to have our son’s legacy continue to have to meaning – by hopefully encouraging others to give the gift of life either by living donor donation or by signing up as an organ donor.



Read more about Debbie inspiring story in PARADE Magazine.

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