The American Transplant Foundation internship program aims to offer meaningfully experience for individuals through the practical application of learned skills and concepts. All internships are unpaid and designed to enhance one’s personal and professional development while contributing to the Foundation’s overall success.

We are now accepting applications for Summer 2018 and later.

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What do our Interns say?

American Transplant Foundation intern, Zina, speaks about her experience as a Patient Relations Intern in the summer of 2017.

Nohealani, Patient Relations Intern over the summer of 2017 describes her work with the Foundation.

ATF summer interns Katie Bassett and Carah Etscheidt talk about volunteering during one of our busiest summers to date!

American Transplant Foundation intern, Ethan Wackerman, talks about his experience working with the Foundation during spring 2016.

American Transplant Foundation non-profit management intern Danielle Sheehan writes to us about her experience working with the Foundation during the spring of 2016.

American Transplant Foundation intern, Madeline Cohen, talks about her experience working with the Foundation during summer 2015.

American Transplant Foundation intern, Amanda Cole, talks about her experience working with the Foundation during summer 2015.

Emily Garneau, an undergraduate chemistry major, interned with the Foundation for 8 months in 2014-2015. Although she didn’t start off with personal transplant experience, she grew to care deeply about the cause and really enjoyed her internship. In her words…

I’ve always wanted to help people and [this internship] seemed like a great opportunity to build my resume and also help such a wonderful cause. I love what the Foundation works for. I also learned like I like to work with social media, event planning, and marketing, so for anyone interested, the opportunities are endless. No matter what your major is, it’s still a great opportunity. Even though I’m leaving I still look forward to volunteering at the Foundation’s events.

Suzanne sent us a beautiful note after her internship ended in May 2015:

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to intern with the American Transplant Foundation this year.

This internship helped me grow not only as a marketing student, but as a person as well. I was not aware of what a living donor was, but after working with this foundation I have gone out of my way to inform my family, friends, and fellow students on how important being a living donor is. I cannot thank you and Anastasia enough for the opportunity to intern with the American Transplant Foundation and all the invaluable skills you both have given me. I have a deeper understanding and more respect for non-profit organizations who seek to help those who are in need. I appreciate everything you did for me and look forward to volunteering and staying involved with the Foundation in the future.

Thank you,

Tim Pfarr, a graduate student at the University of Denver, talks about his experience as a digital media intern at the American Transplant Foundation.

Jenna Horowski

I had the opportunity to intern at American Transplant Foundation at the start of 2012.  I have always been interested in finding ways to improve the quality of healthcare in the U.S. and saw an internship at American Transplant Foundation (ATF) as a chance to learn more information specifically about how vital organ donation truly is to saving lives.  What I enjoyed most about ATF was the lasting relationships that I built while working there.   Since my internship, I have volunteered at events including the Mardi Gras Miracles celebration and monthly TLC meetings.

The leadership cares a lot about personal and professional development, and allows you to work on initiatives and projects that are specific to the skills you would like to attain.  As an MBA student, I was most intrigued by the financial aspects of running a non-profit business and how funding is generated for events and programs, like the Patient Assistance Program.  Working primarily on the Team Transplant initiative and helping with event budgeting gave me a much deeper understanding than I expected.

The Foundation gave me insight as to what I wanted my true career goals and path to be.  I am currently employed at a healthcare IT company, and believe that without my internship at American Transplant Foundation I would have not been able to pursue my passion for healthcare and helping those in need to the extent that I am.  I am grateful to have had such a wonderful opportunity and continue to learn and grow thanks to American Transplant Foundation team.”

Jenna Horowski
MBA Student

American Transplant Foundation intern Isabella Ramos talks about her experience working with the foundation during the summer of 2012.

Christopher Shelvock

I started as an intern in the fall of 2011.  I had just moved to Denver from California and was looking for an opportunity to volunteer my time.  After learning about the American Transplant Foundation, I thought it could be a new experience in healthcare that I hadn’t been a part of before. It turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life!

The projects I worked on included grant research, graphic design, creating flyers, helping out at fundraising events and anything else that I could put my skills to good use.  I was able to learn a lot about the grant submission process, which I wasn’t familiar with.  There were never any limitations put on me.  I was always encouraged to come up with new projects or suggestions.  The work I did gave me a sense of accomplishment and feeling that I was making a difference.

Volunteering at the American Transplant Foundation has a way of motivating you to do more. You hear of inspirational stories about selfless individuals who have given a part of themselves to save others.  It’s an honor to work with these people to promote the Foundation and its mission.

It’s a great environment to work in and I’m thankful I was given the opportunity to be a part of it. For anyone looking for a meaningful and life changing experience, I recommend becoming involved with the American Transplant Foundation.  Everything I’ve learned and the experience with the Foundation will last a lifetime.

Christopher Shelvock
Clinical Research Coordinator, University of Colorado Hospital

Kate Carroll, who interned with the American Transplant Foundation in 2012, shares about her internship experience.