Our mission is to save lives by reducing the growing list of women, men, and children who are waiting for a transplant. We do this by maximizing living organ donation, which is the most effective way to fulfill our mission. We provide a three-tiered approach with educational, emotional, and financial support for living donors, transplant patients, and their families across the country, with a specific focus on Colorado.


We believe no one should die while waiting for a lifesaving transplant.


Mission first, people first

Our passion is saving lives. We focus on profoundly impacting the lives of living donors, transplant recipients, and those on the transplant waiting list through our mission.

Create community

We strive to be inclusive and treat everyone with empathy and compassion. We value and engage volunteers and supporters to collectively move the organization towards the mission.

Create awareness and inspiration

We are inspired because we believe in what we are doing and who we are serving. By raising awareness of our mission and programs, we help more people to receive lifesaving transplants.

Mission focused fundraising

We contagiously share our mission through all fundraising events to inspire and educate our partners.

Stay innovative and always improve

We believe in excellence and will never settle for being "good enough." We strive to be the premier national organization that addresses the shortage of organs for transplant through increasing awareness of living donation while providing lifesaving support to transplant patients in need.

Be passionate and have fun

We love what we do. We work hard because we know it saves lives. We make it fun and inspiring for our partners and volunteers. Saving lives is not easy, but it can be exciting and is always rewarding.