Thanks to our incredible supporters and volunteers, we've been able to provide critical lifesaving assistance to hundreds of patients across the country. Hear some of their stories...

“Support from the American Transplant Foundation has greatly helped to ease the financial burden of living donation for my patients.

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KatieSocial worker, baystate clinic

''The commitment to donate a kidney affects every aspect of a donor’s life. Physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and financial! Your support is deeply appreciated.”

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Sasha Living kidney DOnor, pap grant recipient

Without the support of American Transplant Foundation, we would not be able to proceed with many living donations as hard-working people would not be able to afford lost wages.”

Read Dana's story

DanaSocial worker, UC Health 

""I just want to say thank you. I’m self-employed, so if I don’t work I don’t get paid. I hope that the experiences of non-directed living donors like me can make kidney donation less scary for other people. The benefit of doing something so good for so many people is indescribable.”

Read Rosalind's story

Rosalind Living kidney DOnor, PAP Grant Recipient

"' I am happy to say that after I gave her my heart, I was also able to give her my kidney. Thank you."'

Read Miguel's story

miguel Living kidney DOnor, PAP Grant recipient

"'We couldn't have done this so successfully without wonderful and very kind support from organizations like American Transplant Foundation. We are really appreciative of all your support from the bottom of our hearts because now we are back to our normal lives and my mom is able to live longer."'

Read Nyan's story

Nyan Living kidney DOnor, PAP GRANT RECIPIENT

"'We as a family sincerely thank you for your contribution. Organizations like yours are a huge help to families in need." '

Read Liam's story

liam liver transplant recipient, pap grant recipient

""Without the financial support from ATF I would not have been able to afford to donate. The grant covered my rent for 1 month and allowed me to take time of work to recover in a stress free environment. It allowed me to donate the gift of life.""

Read Mason's story

Mason Living kidney DOnor, pap grant recipient

"'I would really like to thank the American Transplant Foundation for their support during this tough but joyous time. They really came through for me with assistance that allowed me to donate a kidney to my niece."

Read Kirby's story

KirbyLiving kidney DOnor, pap grant recipient

""It took about six weeks to fully recover, so the donation that we received from your foundation helped to cover bills. If anyone is ever considering donation, I would tell them that it will absolutely be the most rewarding experience ever.  After all, it's giving life!""

Read Mark's story

MarkLiving kidney DOnor, pap grant recipient

"'The grant made this whole process possible for us, we will never be able to thank you enough! Thank you for all that you did for us and everyone that you help."'

Read Amy's story

AMYLiving kidney DOnor, pap grant recipient

''I was at risk of losing my Medicare supplemental coverage, and I was saved by the help of the American Transplant Foundation.''

Read Argette's story

Argettekidney transplant Recipient, pap grant recipient

"'THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH....You have saved me and my children from losing our home..GOD BLESS YOU."'

Read Lisa's story

LisaLiving non-directed kidney Donor, pap grant recipient

"'It [the grant] gave us peace of mind knowing that we wouldn’t have to rush so quickly back into the real world, overdo it, and be out even longer due to complications. And that has been a big relief to both of us, especially as we sit here today paying the monthly bills. We can’t thank the Foundation enough."'

Read Todd's story

toddLiving kidney Donor, pap grant recipient

"'Because of the Patient Assistance Program, I did not have to worry about how I would cover my utilities while recovering after the surgery."'

Read Sarah's story

SarahLiving kidney Donor, pap grant recipient

''If it weren’t for your financial assistance, we wouldn’t have felt as at ease going into this situation. Thank you for caring and providing the support that was needed to us during this stressful time. We will always remember your kindness as we look back on this critical point in our lives.''

Read Summer's story

SummerLiving liver Donor, pap grant recipient

''I knew all along I wanted to donate a kidney to my aunt, and would have done it without ATF’s assistance.''

Read Angela's story

angelaLiving kidney Donor, pap grant recipient

''I want to thank you so much for the help you gave us with our bills while we were in San Antonia for my husbands’ friends’ transplant.''

Read Patricia's story

patriciaLiving kidney Donor, pap grant recipient

"'Thank You for all of your support and assistance.  You made it possible for me to focus solely on recovery and not rushing back to work.''

Read Carmilla's story

carmillaLiving kidney Donor, pap grant recipient

''If it weren't for this programs, my situation would have been mentally and financially overwhelming.''

Read Richard's story

richardLiving kidney Donor, pap grant recipient

Several years ago my mom was diagnosed with kidney disease.  I told her then if she ever needed a kidney that I would donate mine to her.  There was never a question as to whether or not I would.

Read Barry's story

barryLiving Donor

Grateful, Grateful, Grateful! This sums up how I feel about the American Transplant Foundation. During a difficult time when my husband was laid off and I lost my primary healthcare coverage, ATF stepped in and provided me with financial support to keep me ALIVE.

Read Tanisha's story

tanishaLiving Donor

Nearly two years ago I saw a story on the news about a man who donated his kidney to someone he didn’t even know.

Read Eric's story

ericLiving Donor

Thanks to the American Transplant Foundation I was able to donate a kidney to Ms. Norma. That kidney saved her life, but it gave me infinitely more.

Read Oliver's story

oliverLiving Donor

My story starts with a very good friend of mine that I have known for several years. He had been on dialysis for 3 years and needed a kidney transplant.

Read Anni's story

anniLiving Donor

The Patient Assistance Program has made a tremendous difference in many people’s lives, including my Dawn's.

On July 7th, Dawn received the precious Gift of Life - a heart and double lung transplant.

Read Dawn's story

dawntransplant recipient

Jorge’s eight-year old son, Osvaldo, was in dire need of a kidney. Osvaldo’s mother had already donated her kidney to her son when he was only two years old, making Jorge the only family member that could save their son’s life.

Read Jorge's story

jorgeliving donor

Theresa was gainfully employed until she went through some severe complications as a result of her double-lung transplant.

Read Theresa's story

theresatransplant recipient

Christina, a successful businesswoman, was faced with harsh realities when she had to take a leave of absence from her employment to succumb to the long and painful process of dialysis until she received a kidney transplant in August.

Read Christina's story

christinatransplant recipient

Kevin and Florence met as youthful high school students. In the halls of their Cincinnati high school their lifelong love story began, and on August 15, 2012 Kevin gave his wife the priceless Gift of Life.

Read Kevin's story

Kevinliving donor

“In my job, it’s clear that financial stresses are the main barriers to living donation…. With the amount of people who need kidney transplants, we should not have to turn away willing and medically able donors.''

Read Tyler's story

TylerSocial Worker, lehigh vally, pa

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