Lawyers of the decade: Steve Farber

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Congratulations to Steve Farber, our founder and chairman of the board, for being selected as one of Law Week Colorado‘s Lawyers of the Decade!

From Law Week Colorado‘s “Lawyers of the Decade” article, March 14, 2011:

“Farber used a personal hardship as a springboard for service to others. In 2003, doctors told him he needed a kidney transplant. After a year searching for a donor, his son Gregg proved to be a match and donated one of his own. The experience led Farber write a book, On the List: Fixing America’s Failing Organ Transplant System. He also founded the nonprofit American Transplant Foundation to raise awareness of organ donation.”

We would like to thank Steve for his continued commitment to the American Transplant Foundation and organ and tissue donation.

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Send your wishes to Steve Farber for his 7th “transplantiversary”

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Steve Farber, the co-founder and chairman of the board of the American Transplant Foundation reaches a special milestone this Wednesday, May 11th–the lucky seven year anniversary of his kidney transplant! Steve and a close circle of family and friends will celebrate the occasion with a dinner generously hosted and underwritten by Shanahan’s Steakhouse.

Please join us in wishing Steve and his son and living donor Gregg the best! Enter your comments below and we will be sure to share them with Steve. Thank you.

Read the story of Steve’s transplant.

According to him: Stephanie Riggs speaks candidly with Steven Farber

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Spring 2011 – Colorado View

Steve Farber is interviewed about his experience with kidney failure, his transplant, and what drove him to found the American Transplant Foundation in the latest issue of Colorado View magazine:

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“On the List” Signing, New York City

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On the List by Steve Farber and Harlan AbrahamsThe Foundation hosted a special book signing and reading with Steve Farber and Harlan Abrahams, co-authors of On the List, on April 14 at the Hue-Man Bookstore in New York City.

About the book

“On the List” Book Tour 2010

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On the List by Steve Farber and Harlan AbrahamsIn 2010, the Foundation continues its national tour promoting living donation and Steve Farber and Harlan Abrahams book, On the List.

Book signings were recently held in the following cities:

Los Angeles, California – January 26

Las Vegas, Nevada – January 27

New York City, New York – April 14

Connecting and Collaborating to Save Lives – ICOSA Magazine

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Nov/Dec 2009 – Jan Mazotti, ICOSA Magazine

“…I had the extreme honor of visiting with [Steve] Farber about one of his new passions, the American Transplant Foundation, and why he chose to create it. He talked about the substantial issues surrounding transplantation, why he wrote the book On the List: Fixing America’s Failing Organ Transplant System with Harlan Abrahams and what’s next on his agenda…”

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“On the List” on Good Morning America

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October 30, 2009 – Good Morning America

Harlan Abrahams and Steve Farber are interviewed about their new book, On the List: Fixing America’s Failing Organ Transplant System, by Tanya Rivero on Good Morning America Health.

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“On the List” Reception, Denver

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Blair and Kristin Richardson and Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper held a special reception at the Denver Country Club on October 22, 2009 to celebrate Steve Farber and Harlan Abrahams’s new book, On the List.

American Transplant Foundation volunteers attended the party to answer questions about organ and tissue donation and to encourage party-goers to join the organ and tissue donor registry. Steve spoke about his kidney transplant experience, which inspired him to create the Foundation, and Steve and Harlan signed copies of their new book for guests.

Thanks to donations from many of the nearly 200 attendees, this event raised more than $4,000 for the American Transplant Foundation!

“On the List” Reception, Los Angeles

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Harlan Abrahams, Natalie Cole, Steve Farber, and Steven CojocaruNancy Davis welcomed Steve Farber, Harlan Abrahams, and Heidi Heltzel of the American Transplant Foundation to a private party at her home celebrating the release of On the List: Fixing America’s Failing Organ Transplant System on October 12, 2009. Fashion critic Steven Cojocaru and musician Natalie Cole, both kidney recipients, actor Tom Arnold, musician Johnny Mathis, and many other guests came to show their support for organ and tissue donation.

During the event, co-authors Steve Farber and Harlan Abrahams spoke about their new book and held an intimate Q&A session with guests. Steven Cojocaru spoke passionately about his transplant experience and the need for more people to become both living and deceased donors.

Steven Cojocaru, Caitlin Gustaserro, and Natalie ColeIn several of their comments, the speakers called attention to the plight of Caitlin Gustaserro, a guest at the party who is in need of a kidney transplant and faces a seven to nine year wait for a kidney in California. After the Q&A session, during which many people asked questions about living donation, a woman walked up to Caitlin and offered to be tested as a match and living donor! This example illustrates one of the main goals of the Foundation’s national tour: to provide education on living donation so that more lives–like Caitlin’s–can be saved through transplantation.

Entertainment Tonight was at the party to interview Natalie, Steven, Steve, and Harlan. Coverage of the event was included during ET’s national broadcast on Wednesday, October 14th.

“On the List” Signing, Washington, D.C.

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The American Transplant Foundation joined Steve Farber and Harlan Abrahams on Wednesday, October 7, 2009 for a book signing and reading at the L Street Borders Bookstore in Washington, D.C. The co-authors discussed their new book, On the List: Fixing America’s Failing Organ Transplant System, and the Foundation provided educational material on organ and tissue donation.

Among the book signings’s attendees were Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar, whose mother-in-law died waiting for a liver transplant;  former Secretary of Veterans Affairs Jim Nicholson and his family; Tim Wirth, Director of Office of Administration at the White House and former U.S. Senator; Cameron Moody; Matt Flavin, Head of Veterans Affairs; and Congresswoman Shelly Berkley of Nevada.

After the book signing, there was a small reception at Morton’s Steakhouse which was joined by New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg and Colorado Congressman Ed Perlmutter, among others.