Share A Spare Type O Kidney for Kelsey!

It’s easy to save a life. So easy, anyone with blood type O can do it!

25-year-old Kelsey Crider dreams of becoming a social worker in order to assist others through the transplant process she knows all to well.

In the past eight years, Kelsey has had 12 surgeries, including 3 kidney transplants. Though her most recent kidney has lasted over five years, she is now seeking kidney number 4 in order to save her life.


Be a Living Donor and Save Kelsey’s Life!

Did you know:

  • Living Donors go on to live normal, healthy, and active lifestyles after donation.
  • Post-donation, the hospital stay is typically 2-3 days.
  • Women can still give birth after a kidney donation.
  • The testing and surgery are BOTH covered by the recipient’s insurance.

Visit Kelsey’s website for more information – Kidney4KP

To inquire as a donor for Kelsey, please contact:
Neshiyqah Nash, Living Donor Coordinator
University of Colorado Hospital


If you have blood type O, you can save a life.

Share a Spare Type O Kidney for Kelsey!

It’s Easy To Save a Life.

So easy, anyone with a blood type O can do it!

Kelsey Crider is an ambitious 25-year-old who dreams of one day becoming a social worker to assist others through the transplant process she has come to know well.


In the past 8 years, Kelsey has had 12 surgeries and now spends her nights hooked to a dialysis machine. Kelsey needs someone to step up to be her living donor so she can live a happy, healthy life.


Be a Living Donor and Save Kelsey’s Life!

The very first step for those interested in being Kelsey’s living kidney donor is to complete her potential living donor interest form. It’s very simple and only takes 5 minutes.  


Please click here to complete the form.  

If YOU have blood type O, YOU can save a life.


A Special Evening with Train & The Fray

We had a special evening with Train & The Fray at Fiddler’s Green Amphitheater on Saturday, July 18th, 2015!


To all of you who were able to attend and support our Special Evening with Train & The Fray on Saturday night – Thank You. We hope you and your guests enjoyed the VIP San Francisco-themed cocktail reception, engaging meet & greets with both Train and The Fray, and amazing performances!

Train Fray Collage

Together, we raised $40,500 with $33,500 net proceeds to help fund our TLC Patient Assistance Program! As we are funding record number of applications this year (101 so far), this support is hugely helpful.


As this patient support program is growing exponentially, event attendance is so very much appreciated! TLC is the heart of the American Transplant Foundation, and we could not do what we do without each and every one of you.


Together, we learned How to Save a Life!


2015 Team Transplant Rides Elephant Rocks

Elephant Rock








Team Transplant had a great turn out for the Elephant Rock Race this year! This inspiring group brought together 18 transplant recipients, 9 living donors, 6 donor family members, 38 medical professionals, and many more supporters totaling a team of 106 participants to ride at  Elephant Rock and celebrate life this year.


The Subaru Elephant Rock Cycling Festival consists of both road and mountain bike courses of various distances- from 8 to 100 miles- for riders of all ages and abilities. Participants worked hard and successfully fundraised over $76,000 for the American Transplant Foundation!


Team Transplant rocked the bright blue jerseys and could be spotted spreading the news of transplant all around: from the courses, to the yoga mats, the information booth, getting massages and enjoying smoothies; you could feel the energy of community, passion, and advocacy radiating throughout the event. Thanks for coming out for a fun, eventful day!


Please check out the full gallery of photos from the event here and here.

Team Transplant Captain’s Fundraising Party


Team Transplant captain Sarah and her team raised $650 at their fundraising party in Columbus, Ohio.

Congratulations Sarah and good job!

Team Transplant Registration Event

Registration event invite

We had a fantastic time meeting new members and introducing them to the Team Transplant captains as well as other teammates. This was a free event that involved both snacks and beer at the BikeSource on University Hills on Thursday April 23rd.

 The event was in preparation for the big ride coming up on June 7th at the Subaru Elephant Rock 2015. Everyone is invited- we’ll even have Elephant Rock registration available at the event. So bring your friends that aren’t yet Team members!

We look forward to meeting you there!

30 Stories of Hope for National Donate Life Month



One of our American Transplant Foundation Mentors was recently showcased by Donor Drive in their ’30 in 30′ campaign!

In August of 2013, Jose Amezola donated his left kidney to a woman he had never met. He had considered becoming a living kidney donor for quite some time, and after receiving his O+ blood donor card he began to actively seek out others who were O+ and in need of a kidney.

Despite a bit of resistance from loved ones, Jose found a woman in Sacramento, Calif. that he wanted to give his kidney to.

“For me, it was actually a very easy decision,” he said. “I never had any doubt in my mind that this is what I wanted to do.”

Click here  to read the full profile on Jose Amezola Beltran.

Telemundo visits our Second Chance at Life Exhibit and Broadcasts about Organ Donation en Espanol

second chance at life

Telemundo captured a wonderful video of our recent Second Chance at Life Art Exhibit Premiere Party.

 The Point Gallery in Denver, Colorado is hosting an art exhibit for transplant and organ donation related art from April 2 to April 16, 2015. At our opening party on April 2nd, Telemundo interviewed Transplant Leadership Council member Jose Amezola Beltran and artist Alex Palcio and created a lovely video capturing the spirit of the event.

Click here to see the video.

Thank you to all who contributed to the success of the Second Chance at Life Art Exhibit Premiere Party!

Michelle Stewart meets Matthew Wyatt at our Transplant Art Exhibit


DENVER – After the tailgate of Robert Stewart’s went viral on the internet (read more “In the News” below), Michelle Stewart was able to meet the man who posted the photo online. Fox 31 visited our one-of-a-kind event to interview the pair as they met on live television! What a fantastic video showcasing the Second Chance at Life Art Exhibit Premiere Party and the wonderful moment when Michelle and Robert were able to meet Matthew Wyatt!

“All I did was post a picture, a few mouse clicks, next thing I know … it’s this,” said Matthew Wyatt, just moments before he was introduced to the woman he hopes will soon have a new kidney.

The American Transplant Foundation hosted a fundraiser on Thursday to bring these two unlikely strangers together.


Watch the video here.

Team Transplant Spin Class

The American Transplant Foundation and Colorado Athletic Club-Downtown had so much fun hosting you all at the free spin class on Sunday, March 8th. Thank you to Einstein Bagels, Jamba Juice, Body by Vi and the Colorado Athletic Club for your generous contributions to this event!

march invite


spin class 2 spin class