Honor a loved one

Celebrate the life of a friend or loved one in a meaningful way by making a donation in their honor or memory. 


What is my Donation Used for?

Thoughtful gifts made in honor of your loved one are allocated towards our Patient Assistance Program, an important program providing financial assistance to transplant patients and living donors in need. By enabling living organ donors to give the Gift of Life and helping transplant patients maintain access to their post-transplant care in times of financial crisis, this program saves lives.

Your gift can be used to recognize milestones in a transplant recipient’s life, celebrate a living donor’s selfless act of donation, or to express your sense of loss for a loved one. You can designate your gift as a memorial or tribute when you make your gift online, by mail, or by telephone. 

How will the Honoree be Notified?

At checkout, you will have the option to send the honoree an eCard or opt for a physical letter to be sent to them. From there you can put in the honoree’s information and leave a message for the recipient. 

The honoree or family will be notified of your support unless you wish to remain anonymous. 

Creating a Fundraising Page

To create a donation campaign in memory or in honor of a loved one, simply select the button above and complete the designated areas on the online donation page. 

We are here to support you. If you would like to speak with us directly, please email us with your questions or for additional assistance: support@americantransplantfoundation.org


Your Impact Saves Lives

After receiving a kidney transplant a few months ago, Jaleel’s fight for his life was still far from over. He and his family had to take on another unexpected battle: fighting cancer. The family was faced with a conflict that no family should ever have to face: How do we decide between paying for Jaleel’s medications that are keeping his new kidney from being rejected, or the cancer treatments, both of which are required to save his life?

Without your donation, Jaleel’s family would have been forced to make a decision that would ultimately threaten Jaleel’s health and risk his life. We provided Jaleel with an Emergency Grant to give his family access to his medications, transportation to treatments, and basic living expenses so that Jaleel can return to normal 3-year-old life.

The financial support from American Transplant Foundation covered costs that came with Jaleel’s post kidney transplant recovery. Jaleel’s life was saved because this resource was available to us.

– Tanisha, Jaleel’s Mother