The American Transplant Foundations has several ways that volunteers can get involved. In addition to the volunteer opportunities detailed below, we are happy to coordinate new ways for people to volunteer if they have particular interests or skills they wish to utilize. We do our best to connect volunteers with events and tasks that will be interesting, enjoyable, and rewarding.

Examples of past community and special events:

  • Subaru Elephant Rock Cycling Festival
  • Donor Dash 5K
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon
  • Transplant Hero Awards Gala
  • Colorado Living Donor Day

Office Work / Administrative Assistance

Volunteers provide a valuable service for the Foundation by assisting staff with general office work and administrative duties. Volunteers who wish to help with office projects are contacted as projects arise. Due to limited office space, many projects should be completed from home.

Examples of office projects:

  • Data entry
  • Petitions
  • Mass mailings

Marketing / Communications

Volunteers assist with the Foundation’s marketing and communications by helping get our lifesaving messages to the public in a variety of ways.

Examples of projects:

  • Writing news releases
  • Brainstorming ideas for projects with Foundation staff
  • Writing human interest stories about transplant


Many of the Foundation’s goals and projects rely on current and relevant research. As the name suggests, research volunteers conduct research as needed and submit it to the Foundation in an organized manner.

Examples of past research projects:

  • Researching running events and clubs around Colorado
  • Researching transplant news and current events
  • Researching transplant resources and transplant support programs
  • Researching transplant legislation


We leave this opportunity open for volunteers to come up with their own creative ideas for fundraising. People have volunteered in this regard in the past by organizing their own unique event to benefit the Foundation, by soliciting donations on behalf of the Foundation, and by assisting with particular fundraising projects and special events.

We encourage you to initiate your own fundraising project or event. If you have an idea you would like to propose, simply contact us!

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