Support Legislation to Improve Organ Transplantation

The American Transplant Foundation is proactively leading the way in shaping, and promoting, positive legislative initiatives that will eliminate the gap between the need for organs and their supply. We need the public’s support and involvement, so please get involved with these upcoming initiatives:
Health insurance initiative: Our goal is to reform health insurance to provide better, and longer, after-care coverage for transplant recipients requiring long-term medication and medical care.


Support Anti-Rejection Medication Coverage Bill: After receiving a kidney transplant, a patient must take immunosuppressive drugs for the rest of their life, at a cost of $19,000 per year. Without these drugs, the body will reject the organ and the patient will have to go on dialysis. Under current law, Medicare covers these medication costs for three years only, but will cover much higher dialysis costs – $77,000 per year – indefinitely. Click here to learn about current legislation and sign our petition to Congress.
Organ and donor registration initiative: Through an ATF driven initiative, the Colorado Department of Revenue has printed an organ and tissue donor registration form in the State Income Tax booklet, providing Colorado residents an easy, and annual, opportunity to register as a donor. We are currently working with the State towards integrating an easy check-off into the form that will facilitate an even more simplified means of registering.
Clarify elimination of the family veto: Our goal is to clarify the role of a deceased organ donor’s family when it comes to family veto rights regarding the recovery of organs from the donor.
Legalize private organ exchange: Our goal is to achieve policy that will legalize arranged organ donations between consenting parties in America.
Support stem cell research: Our goal is to support and represent policy that furthers stem cell research because advancements can lead to increased organ supplies.
Expand payments allowable under NOTA: Our goal is to reform policy to expand the allowable payments to support organ transplants.