Welcome to the American Transplant Foundation’s 1+1=LIFE Mentorship Program! 

  1. Please begin by clicking here to learn about the guidelines for the Mentorship Program to see if it’s the right fit for you. 
  2. After going through the 5 minute presentation at the link above, please begin the application at the two buttons below. Select “Request a Mentor” if you would like to speak with someone with experience or “New Mentor Application” if you are experienced and would like to offer your support.




New Mentee Application Button
New Mentor Application Button

If you…

  • Have questions about your personal transplant journey (as a donor, recipient, or caretaker)
  • Need help navigating the transplant system
  • Need help finding a living donor


Your transplant mentor can help. The American Transplant Foundation can put you in touch with a certified volunteer mentor who knows what you are going through and can relate to your concerns. After all, our mentors are recipients, donors or caregivers themselves. The program is completely free for mentors and mentees. Mentees can choose to just have one conversation to get their questions answered, or can opt to have a mentor to help them through the entire process. Mentees can be kidney, liver, lung, pancreas, and/or heart transplant patients. The American Transplant Foundation staff offers additional support for both mentors and mentees, whether it’s in providing financial resources, help in organizing a search party, or answering questions about social media campaigns to find a living donor. Thank you for your interest in joining the program and we look forward to helping you!


A Special Thank You to Our 2017 1+1=LIFE Mentorship Program Sponsors

Presenting Sponsor: Novartis Pharmaceuticals


Premier Sponsor: UPMC


1+1=LIFE Mentorship Testimonials

Living Donors:

mason and elle“Speaking with a mentor was monumental for my donation. Without the hands-on knowledge and experience of the mentors I spoke with, I wouldn’t have had the comfort I did that allowed me to go through with my donation.” – Mason, June 2015


Having her as my mentor really made a huge difference. It made [living donation] that much more of a viable thing for me to do. I could see how active she is, and talk about her experience, and I thought ‘Oh! Here’s a person, right across from me at the table, and she got along fine. I think it’s a great service that you provide.” – Bev, November 2014


“I really like the Mentorship Program — [my mentor] has already helped me out immensely.” -Potential kidney donor mentee after one month in the program

Transplant Recipients:

mentorship test. smaller 9-22-15“They answered all our questions, helped to calm our scary thoughts, and gave us direction for a living donor.  Our meetings didn’t stop with one- we met several times, sometimes separately.  We have become close friends and they prepared us for after the transplant, too.  We couldn’t have gotten here without [our mentors]!” –Juli, September 2015



“From the first phone call to participating in the mentorship program, ATF has been a great support. My mentor, Mara, helped me identify ways to get my story out on social media, helped plan an event, and was available to answer questions I had about the transplant process to learning what to expect post-surgery.  The Mentorship Coordinator has also been an amazing support. She has gone above and beyond her role to support me throughout my journey. 



“We felt like we were on a dingy that was sinking and all these ships that could have helped us wished us luck and went on their way. The mentorship program was there to help. The greatest impact was the [search party] that occurred in January.”



michelle stewart“I share my experience with anyone who is looking for a donor. I see ATF as a key player in supporting recipients, donors, and their family through a very scary process.” -Michelle, June 2015


“The support I received for my [search party] event was amazing.  I’m so grateful for this Foundation. I too would love to support ATF any way I can.” – Potential kidney recipient mentee


“My mentor is doing a great job by providing feedback when I don’t feel very optimistic about the whole transplant process. She told me her story and I have faith because of her.” -Potential kidney recipient mentee


To request Mentorship Program brochures for your patients, please email support@americantransplantfoundation.org with your request and your mailing address.


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