Save a Life Giving Club

I donated a kidney to my dad. Afterward, I received funding from The American Transplant Foundation to cover lost wages. It was so helpful during the recovery period that I wanted to give back.

I’ve joined the Save a Life Giving Club by giving a small amount of money each month … another avenue for those in the transplant community to feel a part of something bigger than ourselves.”

save lives by:

Give $15 a Month

You will allow a transplant recipient access to transportation to and from medical appointments to maintain their new transplant.

Give $25 a Month

You will provide a transplant recipient access to anti-rejection medication that keeps them alive.

Give $50 a Month

You will cover the lost wages of a living donor so they can donate and save someone’s life.

Give a Custom Amount

Any amount chosen makes a lifesaving difference for the most vulnerable transplant recipients and living donors nationwide.


Save a Life Giving Club
  • You will feel good about your investment knowing that 100% of your donation goes directly to transplant patients and living donors. Your generosity will literally save lives.

  • Full transparency of where your money is going: you’ll have the opportunity to be on the voting committee (optional) so you know exactly who is receiving grants and why.

  • Receive a limited edition Save a Life lapel pin (pictured below).

  • Special recognition on our website and social media – available only for our first 50 founding members! There is also an option to be listed as an anonymous donor if you prefer.

Your Impact

After receiving a kidney transplant a few months ago, Jaleel’s fight for his life was still far from over. He and his family had to take on another unexpected battle: fighting cancer. The family was faced with a conflict that no family should ever have to face: How do we decide between paying for Jaleel’s medications that are keeping his new kidney from being rejected, or the cancer treatments, both of which are required to save his life?

Without your donation, Jaleel’s family would have been forced to make a decision that would ultimately threaten Jaleel’s health and risk his life. We provided Jaleel with an Emergency Grant to give his family access to his medications, transportation to treatments, and basic living expenses so that Jaleel can return to normal 3-year-old life.

“The financial support from American Transplant Foundation covered costs that came with Jaleel’s post kidney transplant recovery. Jaleel’s life was saved because this resource was available to us.”

– Tanisha, Jaleel’s Mother

Your donation helped LaToya to give her mother the Gift of Life. LaToya’s mother desperately needed a liver transplant but could not find a match. LaToya was thankfully a match but had to decide between donating to her mother or being able to afford her rent. Thanks to your support, LaToya was able to donate her liver and give her mother a second chance at life.

“I was very fortunate to receive a grant from the American Transplant Foundation to help pay for my rent. I would not have been able to save my mother’s life without it. I would like to personally thank ATF for supporting me through this journey.”

– LaToya, Living Donor

Through our Patient Assistance Program, we were able to grant Bart $1,000 to provide him access to life-saving medications so he could finally focus on cherishing his new kidney and his second chance at life.

Every month, through our Save a Life Giving Club, a portion of the proceeds from Bart’s online coffee shop Bon Java are donated to the American Transplant Foundation, supporting the most vulnerable transplant recipients and living donors nationwide just like Bart.

“The American Transplant Foundation’s Emergency Grant was crucial after my transplant; I was out of work for two months afterwards since my job required heavy lifting. Without this grant, I could have potentially lost my new transplant.”

– Bart, Kidney Transplant Recipient, Save a Life Giving Club Member

Already a Monthly Giver?

We want to start by saying thank you! Your monthly gift makes an enormous difference in the lives of transplant recipients and living donors. 

There are two ways you can grow the community:

1. Invite someone you know to join Save a Life Giving Club

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2. Increase your current monthly gift! 

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