We are a group of living donors, transplant recipients, and supporters raising awareness and funds for transplant patients.

We ride and run with Team Transplant to prove that it's possible to lead a healthy, active lifestyle after a transplant. If you live outside of Colorado, please email support@americantransplantfoundation.org to find out more about organizing a Team Transplant event in your area. 

Team Transplant at Elephant Rock

Castle Rock, CO 

June 7, 2020


This will be a 2-step process. Please email us or call us at 303.757.0959 if you need help with registration. We want to make it as easy as possible for you!

Step 1:

- Please visit this website, click on the 'Become a Fundraiser' button; it will give you an option to:

 -Join a Team: Select 'Join a Team' and select 'Team Transplant 2020' 

OR join another sub-team you are fundraising with: Create a Team: Name your team.

-Complete your profile with as much information as you'd like. You can add a profile picture, explain your connection to transplant, and start sharing your page!

Congrats, you are almost there!

Now, let's register with E-Rock and select your cycling course.

Step 2:

Go to Elephant Rock's event site here.

- Select 'Teams' then select 'Join a Team'

- Select 'Team Transplant S. Tucker'

- Select which courses you prefer and fill out the registration form

Please NOTE: There is a $50 fundraising minimum to take advantage of the Team Transplant Village which include massages, refreshments, games, prizes, and more!

NOTE: If you need any assistance, please contact us at support@americantransplantfoundation.org OR 303-757-0959.