17 people will die today waiting for an organ that could come from a living donor.

At the American Transplant Foundation, we save lives to solve today’s growing transplant crisis by creating opportunities for people to become living donors and supporting transplant recipients in crisis during their fight for the Second Chance at Life.

Today, there are over 106,000 Americans awaiting a kidney or liver transplant; almost 1,400 of them are kids.  In fact, 17 people will die today awaiting an organ that could be donated by a living person.  For us, that is far too many. How would you feel if it was you or someone you loved?

Organ donor registration is simply not enough to address one of our country’s most pressing health issues. Even if every single American registers as an organ and tissue donor, there would still be a drastic shortage in organs available for transplantation. The American Transplant Foundation goes beyond awareness by eliminating barriers to living donation and providing real help to real families.

By increasing the number of people who are willing to become living donors, we can reduce the number of people who die every day awaiting a life-saving transplant.

How do we do this?

  1. By offering financial assistance to donors to offset lost wages that occur while they are donating an organ.
  2. Through educating and mentoring people on the importance and process involved in being a  kidney or liver living donor.
  3. By providing educational, financial and emotional support to transplant patients and those who are waiting for heart, lung, pancreas, intestines, liver, and kidney.
  4. By fighting for better legislation on both the state and federal levels to protect the rights of living donors, transplant recipients, and those on the list.

The result is that more people are willing and able to become living organ donors than ever before. More people are able to get a lifesaving transplant and keep it. But the need is great.  We need your help to broaden our reach, to help even more people and to ultimately save lives.

Together, we are changing things.