Transplant Talks Podcast

We’re excited to announce the launch of Transplant Talks, the first and only patient-driven podcast dedicated to the transplant journey. This innovative platform fills a critical gap in transplant education, offering a space where patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals can connect and share their stories. 

We conducted surveys to ensure our content resonates deeply with patients’ needs and fosters open communication within the transplant community. 

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Hosted By

Rachel Davis, M.D.

Rachel is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Neurosurgery at CU Anschutz. She is also a living liver donor and a mentor through our 1+1=LIFE Mentorship Program​.

Anastasia Henry

As the Executive Director of the American Transplant Foundation for over 13 years, Anastasia works as a transplant innovator to ensure no one should die while waiting for an organ transplant.

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