Vickie S.

My name is Vickie S. and I am asking for your help to save my life.

After meeting in 1998 and getting married in 2001, my husband Sandy and I followed our dream of living in/near the mountains where we could enjoy four seasons, beautiful landscape, and all terrain hiking. Over the years we have lived a simple life while adopting many rescue dogs.

In 2017, I received emergency surgery for an intestinal blockage followed by a second emergency surgery shortly thereafter. 31 days later, I successfully made it home from the hospital.  It was a very emotional and traumatic 31 days - but I persevered. Three years later in 2020, I had to return to the ER and learned that multiple organs of mine were shutting down. Within 36 hours of being admitted to the hospital, I was rushed to the ICU where I went into Hepatic Encephalopathy (coma type state due to organs not removing toxins like ammonia that impact brain function) and remained in that state for six days. I was given a 54% chance of dying in the next 90 days. After a 26 day hospital stay this time, me and  most of my organs stabilized enough to go home again.

My new normal is going to the hospital every five days to get a paracentesis where they stick a six-inch needle into my side to drain the fluid out - typically they get 5-7 liters out each time. This gives me a decent day or two before the pressure from the fluid leaves me bed ridden.
I am searching for someone to become my living donor.  I am on the deceased liver transplant list, but my doctors do not know if I’ll live long enough to be prioritized.  My health has declined to the point that simple things I once took for granted like eating/keeping food down is a massive effort.  My only shot is finding a living donor to save my life. Typically, a living donor would go into surgery with me, they would take ~40% of the donor's liver and transplant it into me. The donor’s liver typically regenerates to its normal size/functionality in ~6 weeks.

I am blood type O- and can only receive the transplant from type O- or type O+
To find out more about the process of living donation, please watch this video.

If a potential candidate is still open to the discussion, there is this online form to fill out that simply means you want UCH to contact you, answer any questions they have and vet/prescreen you to see if you are even a potential candidate.  They do not need to know your blood type upfront as UCH would order the blood test if both sides still want to continue the discussion.

My insurance pays for everything on the donor side, including all testing.

Thank you for even considering giving us the gift of life.

To Become My Living Donor:

Please click the button below to fill out an online screening form. You will need my name (Vickie Steinberg) and my D.O.B (5/11/65). ALL MEDICAL COSTS ARE PAID BY MY INSURANCE!

"Thank you for even considering giving us the gift of life, she is my one."

-Sandy, Vickie's husband and caregiver