“I yearn to spend as much time as possible with my future grandbabies and to continue appreciating every moment of life.”


In Need of a Kidney Donor

My husband and I are small business owners, running a sailing school and providing to local charters. We enjoy spending a lot of time on the water with our three grown daughters, family, and friends. To continue living a full life and grow old with my husband, children, and future grandchildren, I desperately need this transplant. I feel so blessed to have this procedure as an option. My heart is full of zest for life and for giving. In the future, I would love the opportunity to spread the joy and promise of this procedure. I aspire to mentor and educate others on the donation process, giving back to the community that has supported me. Your donation would not only save my life but also enable me to help others in similar situations.

I have been waiting for a liver transplant for three years, and although I am currently feeling strong, this ironically means my odds of being offered a liver are slim to none, as I am near the bottom of the list. My doctor has advised that I am a perfect candidate for a living donation, with an excellent prognosis. My mental state and anxiety about the future are becoming increasingly difficult to manage. Waiting to get so ill that I become a candidate for a liver transplant is taking its toll on me emotionally. The uncertainty and fear of what lies ahead have triggered panic attacks, and I have recently started therapy to cope with these overwhelming feelings. The emotional strain of this waiting period is immense, and securing a living donor transplant would not only save my life but also provide much-needed relief from this constant anxiety.


I am looking for a living donor. I am asking this of both friends and strangers, because I have no immediate family that is able to donate. Living donor transplants generally have better outcomes and can be arranged at a time convenient for both parties. I am compatible with any Type A or O blood type. Even if you do not have the same blood type, you can donate as part of a paired exchange program.

The most difficult part of waiting for a transplant is not knowing what the future holds. I hope to continue a lifetime of sailboating, giving back to my community, and spending time with my loved ones. The first step is to contact my transplant center using the information in the box above. The entire process is strictly confidential and medical costs are covered by my insurance.

Please review existing Living Donor Benefits/Rights to determine which apply to you.

Thank you for considering saving my life.  

With deep gratitude,