Celebrating National Donor Day 2024

The American Transplant Foundation has been connecting people to life for 19 years, going beyond awareness by providing real help to real families and making sure nobody goes through the transplant process alone.

Please join us in celebrating National Organ Donor Day! This special day is dedicated to celebrating organ donors and spreading awareness and education about the lifesaving act of organ donation. Last year 46,630 lives were saved by organ donation! We extend our deepest gratitude to the unsung heroes among us—remarkable organ donors, both living and departed.

As we celebrate these extraordinary individuals, we invite you to join us in honoring their legacy. Send a custom heartfelt eCard to an organ donor you know, or a family impacted by organ donation.

Every contribution fuels our Patient Assistance Program, a vital initiative that eliminates obstacles for living organ donors by compensating for lost wages during recovery.  For transplant recipients, it directly helps patients in crisis with financial support to maintain the organ that keeps them alive!

Together, let's amplify the power of love and giving on this special day.

Infographic with Statistics on Number of People who donated Organs in 2023

Last year, record high numbers of organs were transplanted in our state – 783! At the national level, 46,630 organs were transplanted in 2023. These are fantastic numbers and translate to thousands of lives saved. As of February 2024, 103,408 individuals remain on the national organ transplant waiting list. 1,254 Coloradans are still awaiting an organ transplant. This number includes 42 children under the age of 18. Although there are individuals of all ages waiting to receive a lifesaving organ, one age group saw a record high of candidates added to the national waitlist in 2023: 6,445 individuals ages 18-34.

While this number has slightly improved since the previous year, 151 individuals in Colorado did not receive the life saving donation they needed in time. Currently, 256 individuals have been on the transplant waiting list in Colorado for over 6 months. There are 69 individuals in Colorado who have been on the waiting list for 5+ years. We believe that no one should die while waiting for the Gift of Life.