My name is Charles, and I am asking for your help to save my life. I am on the kidney transplant list in New Jersey.


"You are letting me live again. To breathe air,

smile, laugh, run and jump around, and join my family."


I've always been self-employed. For my whole life I ran a repossession and towing business, and I had to give it up two years ago when I came down with end-stage renal failure. I have no income and my wife solely supports us. My adult children don't really help us. I think they can't face reality of my illness. I'd used to like to ride my Harley, but I had to give up my CD's because I have no strength. Now when my wife and I go out, we will go only to the boardwalks down at the shore. She got me a scooter to drive around because I have no strength, but just having each other every day, seeing our smiles and loving one another, is what we have now, and it is precious.

A living donor will give me a longer life than a deceased one. I'm only 57 years old- I have a wife, children and grandchildren, and I want to live a long time to see them grow up. I cannot work, I had to give up my self-employed towing business, I am depressed and have anxiety, I don't like to leave the house, and I'm afraid I am going to die.

I have passed all my tests and I am now in the national list, but my condition is worsening with the thickening of my heart. My body is swelling trying to stay off dialysis, but I know it's coming soon.

To Become My Living Donor:


Please contact my transplant coordinator below, ask for a referral coordinator, and confirm that you would like to get tested for Charles Caruso.


Please take a few minutes to join our confidential database so we can send you updates and resources.

I am looking for a living donor because of the extra years it would provide. I want to watch my grandchildren grow and get married, see my great-grandchildren, and continue growing old with my family and my wife. The people in my life do not have the health or the willingness to comply with the requirements of transplantation. I am compatible with any Type O blood type. Even if you do not have the same blood type, you can donate as part of a paired exchange program.

The most difficult part of waiting for a transplant is not knowing if I'm going to make it until a transplant is possible. 

The first step is to contact my transplant center using the information in the box above. The entire process is strictly confidential and medical costs are covered by my insurance. You can change your decision at any point during the process. Please review existing resources for becoming a living donor. In addition, the American Transplant Foundation has financial assistance available to cover any lost wages while you donate for those who are eligible after donation.

I want to feel alive again. I want to feel strong. I want to feel like a man. I don't want to feel unworthy.

Thank you for considering saving my life.  

With deep gratitude,