What are Donor Advised Funds?

A donor-advised fund is a way to donate to a charity of your choice while also receiving an immediate tax benefit. Read the information below to get started!

Here are two ways to donate through a Donor Advised Fund:

Recommend a DAF through your foundation/financial institution

  • You can recommend a DAF online or through your foundation or financial institution.
  • This grant will be sent to the American Transplant Foundation with your fund's name listed on it.

Speak with your fund manager

  • Recommend supporting the American Transplant Foundation to your fund manager and discuss the amount of the grant.
  • A check will be sent to the American Transplant Foundation from your fund.

Have a DAF already? Begin granting now!

When granting to the American Transplant Foundation, use the following pieces of information:

Tax ID: 02-0744032 

Mailing Address: American Transplant Foundation, 600 17th Street, Suite 2515 S | Denver, CO 80202

Click here to begin granting through your DAF!

Why the American Transplant Foundation?

Emergency Fund


This fund will provide transplant recipients an emergency assistance grant up to $1,000 to cover the expenses (hotels, groceries, utility bills, etc.) that poses a direct financial barrier to patient’s post-transplant care.

1+1=Life Mentorship Program


Get one-on-one support and guidance for living donors, transplant recipients, and caregivers. Our trained mentors provide insight that no one else can.

Patient Assistance Program


Have your social worker or coordinator apply for financial assistance (lost wages for living donors, access to medication for recipients).

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