Judy, Type O Blood, Massachusetts


Judy grew up in a poor neighborhood in Boston during the bussing crisis and riots of the 70’s. After high school she married her childhood sweetheart and together they had 4 beautiful children. Shortly after their fourth child was born, Judy’s husband developed PTSD and schizophrenia as a result of serving in the Navy in Vietnam. He left her with 4 children under age 5.

In order to support herself and her family, Judy began a family childcare program in her home where she cared for up to ten children every day. Judy who has a heart for children in need, adopted two more children which gave her six beautiful children to love and care for.

Today, Judy is the proud grandmother of nine grandchildren and is hoping for more in the future. Judy worked long hours to provide for her family and loved her job immensely. She ran her day care business for nearly 40 years and was devastated when she had to close down because of her kidney failure and need to begin dialysis treatments.

Judy always lived a very active lifestyle and misses being able to take her grandchildren to the zoo or the aquarium the way she did prior to dialysis. Walking is challenging for her and her energy is severely limited. Donating a kidney to Judy would give her the gift of truly living again and allow her the opportunity to go back to doing what she loves the most, spending quality time with her children and grandchildren and creating beautiful memories. It would truly change her life for the better and help her to feel new again.


If you are interested in becoming Judy’s living donor, please contact the American Transplant Foundation at 303-757-0959 or at Support@AmericanTransplantFoundation.org.