Living Donor Benefits and Legislation

Comprehensive Guide to Living Organ Donor Support: Tax Credits, Legislation, and Leave Laws

Living organ donation is an extraordinary act of generosity that can save lives and transform futures. To support and protect living organ donors, we’ve compiled an in-depth PDF guide covering crucial topics such as tax credits, legislative protections, and leave laws. This guide aims to provide you with all the necessary information to navigate the financial, legal, and employment aspects of organ donation.

This guide is updated on a consistent basis to ensure we bring you the most up-to-date legislation regarding living organ donation. If you have any important updated or questions, please reach out.

What’s Included in the Guide?


1. Tax Credits for Living Organ Donors

An overview of the tax credit amounts and specific eligibility for different states.

2. Legislation Protecting Living Organ Donors

  • Anti-Discrimination Laws: Information on laws that prevent discrimination against donors in various sectors, including employment and insurance.
  • Job Protection Laws: Details about legal protections ensuring donors can take necessary leave without risking their employment.
  • Insurance Coverage:Insights into laws requiring insurance companies to cover donation-related medical expenses.

3. Leave Laws for Living Organ Donors

  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA): Comprehensive information on how FMLA applies to organ donors, including eligibility and leave duration.
  • State-Specific Leave Laws: A breakdown of additional leave entitlements provided by specific states, including paid leave options.

Why This Guide Is Essential

Our PDF guide is designed to:

  • Alleviate Financial Concerns: Understand the financial assistance available to you through tax credits and insurance coverage.
  • Ensure Legal Protection: Be aware of your rights and protections under various laws to prevent discrimination and ensure job security.
  • Provide Peace of Mind: Know that you can take the necessary time off for surgery and recovery without undue stress about your employment status.

Additional Resources

  • Financial Resource Guide: A list of organizations providing financial support to transplant recipients and living organ donors.
  • 1+1=LIFE Mentorship Program: Receive one on one peer mentorship from those who have been through the transplant journey, including caregivers.
  • Potential Living Donor Database Receive resources on living donation, connect with our living donor ambassadors, and view those in need of a living organ donor.