Audrey Moller- Donor Mentor

Audrey first got involved with ATF at Elephant Rock many years ago, after donating a kidney to her nephew.

Audrey’s Transplant Story

My nephew broke his nose in high school playing football.  Years later, his fiancé asked him to get his nosed fixed because he snored like a bear!  His pre-op labs showed that he was in kidney failure.  We were in shock!  Everyone was ready to donate; all the uncles, aunts, cousins, sibling and our spouses.  I lucked out as the best fit.  The wildest, happiest moment was when I received the call saying that I was healthy enough to donate and that the transplant was a go.  My relationship with my nephew is sweet and deep.  7 years plus post transplant he is rocking.  He is happy and healthy.  He has 2 beautiful sons.  He is competing in triathlons and is incredibly fit.  I am healthy and happy, (though more of a couch potato!)

What do you do for a living?

Financial Planning for Long Term Care.  Formerly, Outdoor Sporting Goods Rep.

What do you do for fun?

Favorite thing is to have parties! big and small.  I love cooking for parties of 8 or 10 people and eating and talking long into the night.

What are your hobbies?

Painting, Reading, and Cooking.

What do you to stay active?

Swim, Ski, Bike, and Dance.

What are your passions?

Movies, books, and art.

Why did you choose to be a mentor?

I am not a hero.  People think it takes something heroic to donate a kidney.   I want to help others see the possibility of donating life to others.

What is your involvement with ATF? How long have you been involved?

I got involved with ATF through the Elephant Rock Bike Tour many years ago.

What about being a mentor appealed to you?

I love connecting with people.  There is so much to learn and share from each other.  I look forward to, hopefully, having a positive impact on someone’s life.

Are you a donor mentor or transplant recipient mentor?


Fun Facts:

  • Favorite Sports Team? Red Sox, Rockies, Broncos, Avs, Wild, Cannondale.
  • Favorite Food? I LOVE to cook.  I am trying to break up with cheese and bread.  So I can’t say that.  I love scallops….with the right sauce!
  • Favorite or Dream vacation? I want to go to Istanbul, and South Africa.  But, historically, my BEST trip ever was kayaking the Grand Canyon.
  • Favorite Movie? Lives of Others.
  • Favorite Band? Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Cannonball Adderley, Bill Evans, Wynton Kelly, James Cobb, Paul Chambers on Kind of Blue.
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