Micheal E.

"It's not easy to ask for an organ, but every day we hope for a better life, we hope for one person to give me the Gift of Life. I have been through a lot and the only thing I want is to be healthy again and to start a family"

Micheal— POtential Kidney Transplant Recipient

My name is Micheal E., and I am asking for your help to save my life.

I have FSGS which is causing kidney failure. I was born with bladder exstrophy which is what caused my native kidney to fail when I was a child. I have had 2 kidney transplants in the past, both from living donors. One was from my Dad when I was 17 and another was from my brother at 22, but now I need a third one. My quality of life has deteriorated very badly this time.

I am only 36 years old and got married last year. I want to start a family but have little to no energy to even do anything. I had to stop working as I am too sick to get up. My wife is a software engineer, and we have three cats. Both of us love kids and want to become adoptive parents and foster parents. We have already completed training to become foster parents but then I started losing my strength and feeling sick so we couldn't process forward.

I used to work as a behavioral therapist for kids with special needs, as a lifeguard at therapeutic service center, and as a camp counselor helping families affected by childhood cancer, but I had to stop everything as I am too sick to get up.

I am on a kidney transplant list, but the waiting time is over 8-10 years from a deceased donor.  With the issues I am facing right now due to kidney failure I won't make it that long. My blood group is O- which is rare and makes it difficult for us to find a living donor. We have been trying to find a living donor for more than a year. Some people have signed up but never proceeded further, which I can understand as it is a big step.

Living donor transplants generally have better outcomes and can be arranged at a time convenient for both parties. No waiting and wondering while my body continues to weaken.

We are really thankful for peoples’ generosity. We are doing everything we can, but there is a lot of uncertainty. We are good people and have always helped anyone in need.  

The whole process is strictly confidential including from us. You will need below information to complete the registration:

Blood type: O-


Thank you for saving my Life!


To Become My Living Donor:


Please click either of the links below if you would like to be tested to become my donor. ALL MEDICAL COSTS ARE PAID BY MY INSURANCE!. You will need my name: Michael Etheridge, and my DOB: 2/13/1985


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