“If someone were to donate a kidney to me, I would be so honored. You would allow me to pay it forward and live my life to the fullest.


In Need of a Kidney

My Story

I have kidney disease. Over time, my kidney disease has gotten worse causing my kidneys not to work well enough to keep me alive. This is what I am facing now, and my treatment options are limited.

I am a realtor. I love my family, our dogs, volunteering, golf, friends, concerts and theatre, sporting events, and overall I just love LIVING!

However, finding a kidney for a transplant is not easy. Just ask the 100,000+ people on the waiting list for a deceased donor kidney like me. Time is not on our side. Some wait for years; many die while waiting. The average wait time is five years or more for a kidney from a deceased donor. However, there is another option: receiving a kidney from a living donor.

Asking someone to consider donating a kidney to me is difficult, but it greatly improves my chances of surviving. A living kidney donation typically lasts longer and has better function. 

In the words of my friend Mark McIntosh (who is also looking for a living kidney donor): “Share your Spare, Save a Life, Leave a Priceless Legacy

  • Step 1

    Please fill out the screening form for my transplant center below if you would like to learn more or be tested to become my donor. You will need my name: Nancy Levy and my DOB: 02/16/1968.

    Screening Questionnaire

You might not know a lot about living donation – I know I didn’t before kidney disease affected my life. Understandably, some people are afraid about the surgery and what living with one kidney will mean for them. Here’s some basic information about kidney donation:

  • You only need one kidney to live a healthy, long life.
  • Most donor surgery is done laparoscopically, meaning through tiny incisions.
  • The recuperation period is usually fairly quick, generally two weeks.
  • The cost of your evaluation and surgery will be covered by my insurance. The hospital can give you extensive information on this.

You can learn more via the American Transplant Foundation’s Living Donation Guide. Please also review existing Living Donor Benefits/Rights to determine which apply to you. In addition, the American Transplant Foundation has financial assistance available to cover any lost wages while you donate for those who are eligible after donation.

Thank you for considering saving my life and allowing be to be there for my family.

With deep gratitude,  Nancy