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Thank you for your very generous gift – a $50 gift card to King Soopers. When you are on a small fixed income with mounting medical bills $50 is like a fortune and is so greatly appreciated. The kindness of strangers continually astounds me and is utterly humbling.


Thank you,

Mary, Davita dialysis patient


 To the American Transplant Foundation, 


I am a patient at the a dialysis clinic.  I was given one of your lovely Target gift cards.  


I went today and purchased several staple items that will last me for months.  I do not know how to properly thank you for this lovely gift.  I am indeed grateful.  I am 75 years old on my next birthday.   


One of the issues along with my chronic kidney disease with which it is presumed I was born is that I am 70% hearing impaired.  I hear just great, not deaf or hard of hearing, I hear wrong.  I cannot use a telephone and have, therefore, taken the privilege of e-mailing you.


Thank you again for the lovely gift and for your dedication to those of us who reap your benefits

Marta, Davita dialysis patient



A note from Pat, a current dialysis patient.


A thank you note from Jeff



I just wanted to follow up with you again. Thank you so much for the gift card for Christmas. At that time I had just been back to work part-time. With that gift card I was able to get my dish for our family dinner and some much needed laundry detergent items. American Transplant Foundation has been a true blessing to me and with the grant for my insurance premiums and the gift card I was able to do a little more than what I would have if I didn’t have it. So once again, Thank You!

– Christina





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