Workplace Giving

Looking for a new and easy way to donate to the American Transplant Foundation? Workplace giving is a fantastic way to do so! This page will discuss what workplace giving is and how it works.

What is Workplace Giving?

Workplace giving is a donation method in which the amount of time or money contributed to a non-profit organization is matched by the employer (i.e. monetary donations, product sponsorship, etc.). Many companies offer such programs and even offer to match (or double/triple) the employees contribution. Make sure to reach out to your own company to see if they offer a workplace giving program and if so, what their amount matched, payment schedule, and eligibility requirements are.

What should I provide on the workplace giving request?

The most important information that should be listed on your request is your name, the receiving organization (American Transplant Foundation), and the purpose of the gift. WITHOUT this information, the matching gift will not be recorded on our end. If possible, a forwarded receipt of your confirmation email/documentation will be highly appreciated. If your company uses a hard copy request form, please take a scan of the form and email it to us as well.

These emails can be sent to

If you prefer to physically mail your confirmations, please send them to: 600 17th Street, Suite 2515 S, Denver, CO 80202.

Which companies offer workplace giving?

There are thousands of companies who take part in workplace giving throughout the country. To find out if your company offers a workplace giving program, ask your company directly and inquire about their guidelines as well. Some large, nationwide companies currently offering workplace giving programs are listed below. Select the last box for a list of participating companies.

What is the process?

  1. The donor should ask their employer if their company offers a workplace giving program.
  2. If so, complete the request (either online or a hard copy). 
    • Ensure that the donors name, organization name (American Transplant Foundation), and the purpose of the gift is clearly listed.
  3. Submit your request and send us your conformation through email or to our mailing address as listed above.

What happens after submission?

After our team receives your workplace giving request, we will finish the sections of the form designated to us. These sections confirm your companies donation and that it is being received by the American Transplant Foundation. Once this is complete, we will send a verification. The last step involves the employer finalizing the process if everything is right and then the donation will be distributed based on the given payment schedule.

Who should you contact with questions?

Our email is

You can also use the form below to submit your questions directly to one of our team members.