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The Denver Athletic Club, a Breakaway Sponsor of Team Transplant 2009, proudly welcomed Michael Carter as its newest cycling coach in January. Learn more about Michael Carter in the article below from the DAC’s January/February 2009 magazine.

Michael Carter

As a former European professional road cyclist, Mike Carter has raced every race under the sun, including the Tours of France, Italy and Spain. He was at one time ranked third in the world. And he still kicks the butts of domestic professional cyclists nationally, at major races like the Tour of the Gila and the Bob Cooke Mount Evans Hill climb. Most recently, Mike won the bronze medal in the World Championships in the Master’s 45+ and 1st place in the Vuelta Mallorca, Spain Challenge.

All this experience has made Carter an expert in the field of road cycling, and helped him carve out of the most prestigious coaching businesses in Colorado. He currently coaches multiple National Champions, multiple state time trial winners, multiple national cyclocross podium finishers, domestic pros and a 2008 Olympian. Mike’s services are now available to DAC Members.

Now is your chance to learn the true secrets of getting faster, stronger and better on a bicycle. Not only will Carter teach you how to work smarter, but under his tutelage you’ll get monthly assessments in the form of a Conconi Test. This test is run much like a standard ramp test, where you will ride to exhaustion. Your heart rate and wattage will then be graphed to determine the proper exercise levels, and your month-long plan will be developed based on your goals.

“The monthly assessment test keeps you motivated because you’ll see that you’re making progress. It’s also easier to dial in your training from month-to-month if I can see how you’re responding,” Carter says. “It’s key to the coaching relationship.”

Whether it’s your first century or years worth of racing, you’ll notice improvement, and you’ll notice it fast. You WILL be ready for the upcoming cycling season!

It’s plain to see why there’s no coach in Colorado like Michael Carter. And since The DAC is dedicated to bringing you the absolute best in fitness and training, we’re bringing him in to coach our Members by request. For more information, just contact the Fitness Center, email Scott Poston at or email Mike directly at You’ll not only love having a coach to help you direct you to your cycling goals, but you’ll love knowing you have the best coach around.

Team Transplant members who raise $500 or more for the Elephant Rock Ride will receive an endurance training program designed by Michael Carter. and one training ride with Scott Poston, fitness director at The DAC, Ironman, and pro-triathlete..

Michael Carter was a special guest and speaker at the first Team Transplant Cycling Seminar on Tuesday, April 7th at the Denver Athletic Club.

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