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A little bit about our blog… we are here to help you up with the latest biking tips, news about Elephant Rock, Team Transplant events and ideas for recruiting friends and family to join you.

Last year Team Transplant had 182 riders who raised over $35,000 dollars to support the American Transplant Foundation. Talk about putting your pedal to the metal… although in this case, riders covered over 9,000 miles collectively on the variety of courses at Elephant Rock—everything from the seven mile family course to the 25-mile off road all the way up to the 100-mile “century”.

Our team was large and diverse, and touched many aspects of the community. On the ride we had living donors, organ recipients, and people whose lives had been touched by transplant. Last year, my husband Brian and I dedicated our ride and fundraising efforts to my father, whose sudden passing in 2008 provided the gift of eyesight through organ and tissue donation. We also rode for my uncle, who in 1998 received a life-saving heart transplant, and to a friend of our family who received a transplant at birth and a second lifesaving procedure at the age of 10. No matter how tough some of those hills got—and some of them at the end were brutal, trust me!—I knew that every ounce of my strength was riding in honor of all of the amazing people who participate in organ and tissue donation every day. I knew it couldn’t compare to the strength and patience required for a family with a loved one waiting on the list… or the courage and generosity of somebody who became a living donor to save the life of another.

Susan at the 2009 Subaru Elephant Rock

Whatever your reasons for riding, you’ll find an amazing team of supporters along the way. Brian and I were about one mile into the 25-mile off-road course last year when we got our first question from another rider: “Hey Team Transplant, I saw your jersey… what are you guys all about?” Between gasps on an early and particular steep hill, I sputtered the message and mission of the Foundation to her. Turns out, she was a kidney recipient. I hope to see her again this year… maybe this time with one of our jerseys on!

Team Transplant is a great group of people doing great things for an even greater cause. I’m proud to be a part of it and am looking forward to hearing from you to share your stories, to help support your fundraising efforts and to have fun. If you get a particular donor that wants a shout-out on the blog, let me know!

For those of you attending tonight’s Team Transplant Kick Off and Registration Party, have fun! I won’t be there but stop and say hi to my husband Brian, who will be there for both of us. Tonight’s kick off is at Wheat Ridge Cyclery at 6PM, with interactive training seminars, discounts for registered Team Transplant members, prizes and more.

Thanks for your support of Team Transplant, and the American Transplant Foundation!

Rock—as in, Elephant Rock—on!

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