Springtime in the Rockies: Two events next week!

Good morning Team Transplant!

Now THIS is what I’m talking about! It’s a Friday morning, we’re looking at 67 degrees later today, it’s the Colorado Rockies’ home opener… does it get any better than this? Hot dogs and beers anyone? Now that I think of it, I am going to a roof-top party this afternoon to celebrate the Rockies’ opener… how many recruits do you think I can wrangle? Bets?

Today is my official welcome to springtime in the Rockies. Where you can be at a baseball game and in a blizzard all at the same time. Where you can have four inches of snow on your lawn in the morning and be kicking back on a patio with the sunscreen by 2:00 in the afternoon. Where you can dust off your bike and hit a trail for an invigorating ride in the city or in the hills! Come on, people! The weekend is stretched out before us like a lazy cat in the sun, let’s do it!!

Whoa… before you go running out the door to enjoy this wonderful weekend ahead of us, please read about two VERY COOL things I want to get on your calendar for the week ahead:

No, I’m really not that concerned about your taxes getting filed. Unless, of course, you’re getting a refund, in which case, good for you! The REAL news about April 15th is 20% off at Wheat Ridge Cyclery for Team Transplant members! What a deal! March on down with that refund check and get all the gear you need. Better yet, bring some friends, as Team Transplant will be standing by to register any stragglers that haven’t seemed to find that pesky REGISTER NOW  link. [Link removed 6/7.]

Spin class on a Saturday! I have to come clean… I’ve never done a spin class. Ever. I sure have heard a lot about them, though, and this seems like a promising opportunity for me to stop talking about it and start doing it! So… join me at the Schlessman YMCA on April 17th for the official Team Transplant Spin Class… get your buns in gear and be ready to look good in those cycling shorts come June 6th. For more details on any Team Transplant events, check out our Team Events Calendar. [Link removed 6/7.]

Stop by, say hi, tell me that you read my blog, even if you don’t! It will make me feel good and motivate me to continue… I’ll have on my 2009 Team Transplant t-shirt…

Have a great weekend guys… Go Rockies!

Devoted Blogger and Springtime Enthusiast Extroadinaire

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