Tax Day: A reason to celebrate!

Happy Tax Day Eve, Team Transplant!

I know it’s not really something we usually celebrate. Unless, of course, you’ve managed to finagle yourself a refund from Uncle Sam… in which case, my hats off to you. Congrats!

The best part about celebrating tax day this year is… and if you’ve been reading the blog, you’ll know what’s coming next… 20% off at Wheat Ridge Cyclery, tomorrow only!!! So if you’re writing a check to Uncle Sam, use a little retail therapy to soften the blow and justify it with this great discount. If you’re getting a refund, use the discount as justification to spend a little bit of it (or a lot, it’s up to you!) tomorrow night and support Team Transplant and our generous sponsors.

Bring your friends! They can sign up tomorrow in person while calculating what 20% off adds up to on all these great purchases.


1. Tubes. Trust me, you’ll need them. Last year my husband Brian was shelling out for a new tube onsite before we even got started. For all of you doing the 25-mile off road course, buy two!!!

2. Water bottles. You can never have enough, they get funky quickly so you always need a new one. Fill them and put them in the fridge or freezer, so you’re ready to go at a moment’s notice!

3. Cycling gloves. This is a widely overlooked item, but the padding makes a big difference no matter what distance you’re riding.

4. Helmet. Helmets are required for Elephant Rock… do you have yours?

5. Sunglasses. Power bars. Sunscreen. Do I really need to list things to buy when you’ve got such a great discount? For those of you who haven’t raised the $500 for the full cycling kit, this is a great way to augment what you have earned (padded shorts are a MUST… again, I speak from experience…).

Please come down tomorrow, and bring a friend. The Team Transplant staff are standing by to register anyone who wants that sweet discount. The Wheat Ridge Cyclery folks have been really supportive of our efforts, and let’s show them how much we appreciate it.

And… don’t forget… spin class on Saturday! [Link removed 6/7] Looking forward to seeing you there—RSVP to Brian at

Team Transplant Shopaholic (It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it!)

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