Free Motivation: Just show up!

Hey There, Team Transplant, and TGIF! We are one week closer to the big day!

SO… who’s joining me at the Schlessman YMCA tomorrow to partake in the Team Transplant spin class? Raise your hands high, so I can see you!

In a previous post, I admitted that I’ve never attended a spin class before. So, in case there are others of you out there who have never attended one, I thought I would give you a basic overview of what to expect.

1. A group class that, through instruction and stationary bikes, takes you through a virtual training ride, hills and all.
2. Music and an instructor that are energizing and motivating.
3. A ton of fun and a great way to kick off your Saturday morning.

I know that very few of us need motivation right now to get outside and get pedalling, but this is a good way to push yourself a little bit and make sure you’re ready for the hills and excitement that Elephant Rock promises. Plus, how cool to meet some of your fellow Team Transplant members?

Get your legs pumping, get down to the Y tomorrow morning at 10:30 and be ready to ride. Looking forward to meeting you all!

And… one more shout out before I leave you for the afternoon… a big hearty welcome to my gal Christine, the latest Team Transplant recruit! I was at it again last night, mercilessly pimping out Team Transplant to a few innocent dinner guests, when she volunteered to ride with us! This time, no tequila was required. Even better!

Have a great weekend guys! Don’t forget: tomorrow, Schlessman Y, 10:30… be there!

Official Team Transplant “SPIN Doctor”

(Great name for a sub-team, by the by…)

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