Rides and recruiting!

Hello Team Transplant!

I sincerely hope you are all getting ready to enjoy this stunning spring day that lies ahead of us. Too bad most of us are stuck in offices around the Denver metro area until that magic hour of 5:00 when we are freed to pursue what we love most! Who’s hopping on their bikes this evening? It’s supposed to be 80 degrees today, so you know the evening is going to be a beautiful one.

As you know, our training ride was cancelled last weekend due to inclement weather. WHY, oh WHY, does the miserable weather always happen on a weekend? I’m not complaining about the rain… just the fact that it works weekends and not weekdays like the rest of us.

All is not lost! There’s another training ride coming up on May 8th, and this one will be even more fun because there’s cool stuff to check out at Red Rocks when you get there! If you aren’t up for the full ride, you can always meet the team out at Red Rocks to see Wheat Ridge Cyclery’s new and exciting products they’ll be showcasing. Check out the Team Transplant Events Page [Link removed 6/7] for more details.


How are your recruitment efforts going? I have to admit, I had two recruits back out on me this week. Darn that tequila party! But it’s okay, we’re still going strong and are now up to 90 members on Team Transplant. If everyone reading this blog recruits just one member this week, we can exceed our goal to reach 100. And I KNOW there are people who are reading this blog who aren’t signed up as followers… show yourselves! Help us shoot past 100 riders to our goal of 250 and really show those folks at Elephant Rock what Team Transplant is all about!

Speaking of which, Team Transplant got some really great publicity on Facebook through Elephant Rock’s page. If you are a Facebook user, make sure you’re linked in to E-Rock and Team Transplant! As an aside, Team Transplant on Facebook has 118 members… and yet, we only have 90 registered… I’m no math genius, but it seems to me like we’ve got some stragglers out there! Help get your recruits signed up by sending them the link to REGISTER.

As soon as I hit “publish” on this post, I’m about to put my fingers to work on an email writing a personal note to three friends to ask them to join us. Let’s do it! Have a great day everybody! Enjoy it– play hookie if you can!

Relentless Recruiter of Riders and (unofficial) Team Transplant Cheerleader

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