Training Ride and Demo Day: Success!

Good morning Team Transplant! I’m happy to report that our May 8th training ride—this past Saturday—was a rocking success! The weather was beautiful, and with Wheat Ridge Cyclery hosting their LIVESTRONG day at the same time, we had a great opportunity to meet with other cyclists and chat about what we’re doing.

We had at least 14 members of Team Transplant out for the big day, including Michelle Hartman, living donor, and Justin Fulton, a kidney recipient. Here they are in a photo on the ride with Heidi:

Nice 2009 Team Transplant jersey, Justin! Looking good!

Our next training ride is May 22nd, and details will be coming soon. Stay tuned to the blog, the events page, your email, and all the other ways that we try to keep you informed. Join us on the 22nd for another great day!

Stay warm out there today—it’s a chilly day that’s a little discouraging for us outdoorsy types! Let’s start a Denver-mantra to help chase the rain (and snow!) away: Summer is coming, summer is coming—everybody now!—Summer is coming, summer is coming…

Check out Michelle Cleminson, Team Transplant rider, center!

Looking forward to seeing you on the 22nd!

Sunny days, chasing the clouds away!
Team Transplant Eternal Optimist

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