Hey there, Team Transplant!

A happy Friday shout-out to everybody reading the blog. I’ve just returned from a two-margarita lunch at the Rio (my last indulgence prior to the ride, I swear!) and it is a beautiful, beautiful afternoon out there.

Looking forward to seeing all of you lovely blog readers and riders on Sunday! Brian and I will be staffing the Team Transplant booth bright and early, starting at 6AM, for all you riders out there.

A few last minute reminders:

1. For those of you who failed to pick up your packets this week (you know who you are!!!) we’ll have them day of the ride for you at the Team Transplant booth.

2. Remember to eat well, and drink often. Ummm… water, that is, at least until after the ride!!! Sunday is supposed to be a pleasant 89 degrees, so stay hydrated and eat well before heading out!

3. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. Check through your goodie bags for the nice gifts given by our sponsors, and remember to protect your skin!

It’s been a really fabulous couple of months leading up to this year’s race. I’m proud of the number of riders we have, I’m VERY proud of the amazing donations we’ve gotten from our supporters, and most importantly, I’m proud of our friends at the American Transplant Foundation. Cheers especially to Katie and Heidi– thank YOU for making this all possible!

See you guys Sunday!


Wondering what I’ll do with my Friday afternoons now that I don’t have Team Transplant to blog about?

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