6 Minutes

The team's spiffy new site makes registering quick and easy!

There are many things that can be done in 6 minutes. You can write a thank you note. You can surf Facebook. You can read a news article. Some people can run a mile (not me, trust me!). You can take a walk. You can call a friend. You can save a life!

I’ll admit it– I’m a terrible procrastinator. Well, I can be. And I have been procrastinating on one thing that is very important to me: registering my team for Team Transplant! Here I am extolling the virtues to all of you about registering early, recruiting members, and I haven’t even done it myself. Yes, I’ve been terribly busy. I’ve been running a mile a minute for about a month now. But I sat down and decided to do it, and it took me… yes, you guessed it… six minutes. Less, in fact.

Take six minutes and register for Team Transplant. I’ve registered under Team Leadership Council (I mentioned this in my last blog– more on us later!) and you’re welcome to join us if you are interested. I set my goal, and in a few minutes I was up and running by customizing my own web page, setting my goals, and sending out emails to my friends.

Six minutes, folks. We can all take a moment, because  those six minutes on behalf of all of you strong, generous, kind and thoughtful Team Transplant members really WILL save a life. In fact, you’ll save many. It’s likely the best 6 minutes you’ll have to give today.

One month and counting! Are you in???


Procrastinating no more!

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