TLC Team for the Denver Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon

Living kidney donor Dr. Jeff Stripling, who will run 26.2 miles for the Transplant Leadership Council.

On Sunday, October 9th, a charity team for the Transplant Leadership Council (TLC) will participate in the Denver Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon. The team, consisting of TLC Founding Members and supporters, will have runners in the full-marathon, half-marathon, and half-marathon relay.

Honored participants include Dr. Jeff Stripling, a living kidney donor running the full-marathon, and Gavin Maitland, a double-lung recipient running in the half-marathon relay. Both are living proof that a person can lead an active, healthy lifestyle after a transplant.

Funds raised for TLC will go 100% to American Transplant Foundation’s Patient Assistance Program, providing emergency financial assistance to transplant patients in need across the country.

For supporters, cheering squad, and participants, there will be a social afterward at The Cheeky Monk Pub, starting at 12:00 p.m. For more information, contact

TLC is a dynamic group of emerging young leaders who assist the American Transplant Foundation in the mission to reduce the growing list of men, women and children who are awaiting a lifesaving transplant. We are currently seeking new Founding Members. To learn about the benefits of becoming a Founding Member and how to join, click here.

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