Gatsby at the Club: Holiday Party Photos



 View photos from our Gatsby at the Club Holiday Party!

On December 16th, the American Transplant Foundation was pleased to welcome volunteers to our largest and most fabulous holiday party in ATF history. It’s always a pleasure to gather Denver’s best, and most caring crowd, for an evening of celebration.


Together, we celebrated our most successful year yet – Gatsby style!


At ATF, we are in the business of giving HOPE, LOVE, and LIFE to others. Our top accomplishment this year is the expansion of the LIFESAVING Patient Assistance Program from 17 states to 38 STATES!


Last year, we assisted 33 patients. This year we quadrupled that number and helped nearly 130 people give and receive the gift of life!


To carry on this assistance program, the Foundation’s Young Professionals Group (TLC) raised over $42,000 to help the most vulnerable transplant patients.


This year’s success is due to your commitment – we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude for your generosity and caring!

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