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The Transplant Angel Award recognizes and rewards transplant medical professionals for their outstanding personal and professional commitment to patient advocacy, support and empowerment that ultimately leads to a lifesaving transplant.


This award is designed to recognize not just those who perform their job with excellence, but those who strive beyond what is expected.  A medical professional in the transplant field who meets the criteria for this award should exceed the expectations of the patient and exceed the goals defined by his/her transplant center.  This is for the medical professional who stands out above other excellent performers in the transplant field.


Two Transplant Angel Awards will be given: one in the transplant medical professional category and one in the transplant coordinator category. These awards will be presented along with the How to Save a Life Award and Volunteer of the Decade Award at the second bi-annual Transplant Hero Awards Gala. The Gala will take place in Denver, Colorado, on June 11th, 2016.

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