Share A Spare Type O Kidney for Kelsey!

It’s easy to save a life. So easy, anyone with blood type O can do it!

25-year-old Kelsey Crider dreams of becoming a social worker in order to assist others through the transplant process she knows all to well.

In the past eight years, Kelsey has had 12 surgeries, including 3 kidney transplants. Though her most recent kidney has lasted over five years, she is now seeking kidney number 4 in order to save her life.


Be a Living Donor and Save Kelsey’s Life!

Did you know:

  • Living Donors go on to live normal, healthy, and active lifestyles after donation.
  • Post-donation, the hospital stay is typically 2-3 days.
  • Women can still give birth after a kidney donation.
  • The testing and surgery are BOTH covered by the recipient’s insurance.

Visit Kelsey’s website for more information – Kidney4KP

To inquire as a donor for Kelsey, please contact:
Neshiyqah Nash, Living Donor Coordinator
University of Colorado Hospital


If you have blood type O, you can save a life.

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