Finding a Living Donor: Download our Search Strategies Checklist


Finding a living donor is no easy task. It is important that the potential transplant recipient becomes educated on living donation and the resources available to both themselves and the donor. We have put together a checklist many strategies that can help you widen your search as well as these resources to help both you and any potential donors as they consider the decision. 

Our new Living Donor Search Checklist Contains tips like:

  • Develop a custom website through our Potential Living Donor Database. From there, you can share your webpage and/or QR code via:
    • You, your family, and your friend’s social media bios/posts
    • Email signatures
    • Bulletin boards
    • Signage around your town
  • Carry around “Business” Cards”. Give them to as many people as you can, including giving some to your advocates to pass around too. Reach out to us for more information.
  • Create an “Elevator Speech” to use in situations where you’ll only have 30 seconds or so to convey your message. 

…and SO much more!